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New EyeWiki Contest Rules Allow Entry of Article Revisions

  • To better encourage the EyeWiki community to collectively edit and keep the site up to date, rules for the 2022 U.S. Residents & Fellows Contest and the 2023 International Contest have been revised to allow article revisions as contest entries.
  • Because EyeWiki articles are subject to revision at any time by any ophthalmologist with an EyeWiki account, the same article may be submitted by more than one entrant and to multiple contests.
  • Lead EyeWiki editors serve as judges for both contests and may not be co-authors on contest entries.

Tip of the Month: What do I do if I find duplicate or overlapping articles?

  • EyeWiki authors should do a thorough Search before adding a new article to be sure that the content is not already covered by an existing article.
  • Articles addressing the same content under different titles should not be retained as well as articles with content that could be addressed as a section of another article e.g. Management Options. The goal is to have 1 topic that may be updated and revised by the EyeWiki community to keep it current.
  • If you find such articles contact EyeWiki staff, and they will ask the author of the newer topic to add their contributions to the preexisting article. These authors may have the option to enter their revisions to one of the EyeWiki contests if they are eligible.

Find Your Article Assignments

  • Log in and go to the My Portal link at the top of the page next to "Recent Changes"
  • This link leads directly to your section's Portal page
  • To find your own article assignments, sort by “Assigned Editor (portal member)” or use the filter
  • Review the Quick-Start Guide for Editors for helpful tips. For easy reference, this guide is also linked to each section Portal page.

When you complete an article review go to Edit with Form at the top of the article and change:

  • The date to be current
  • The status to Up to Date
  • The reviewer name to your own

EyeWiki Contests Currently Open

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