EyeWiki:Residents and Fellows contest/2022

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The following is a list of pages entered in this contest. The contest deadline is December 01, 2022 by midnight (U.S. Pacific time).

Contest pagePage enrolledDate enrolledEnrolled by
Ahmed ClearPath Glaucoma Drainage DeviceAhmed ClearPath Glaucoma Drainage Device6 June 2022Abdelrahman.Elhusseiny
Blind Painful EyeBlind Painful Eye21 March 2022Patrick.Commiskey
Childhood Glaucoma Research Network Classification and Epidemiology of Childhood GlaucomaChildhood Glaucoma Research Network Classification and Epidemiology of Childhood Glaucoma21 June 2022Abdelrahman.Elhusseiny
Cicatricial ConjunctivitisCicatricial Conjunctivitis24 January 2022Royce.Park
Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery in Childhood GlaucomaMinimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery in Childhood Glaucoma10 June 2022Abdelrahman.Elhusseiny
Neuhauser syndromeNeuhauser syndrome23 June 2022John.Thompson
Orbital LipodermoidOrbital Lipodermoid31 January 2022Cam.Loveridge-Easther
Orbital XanthomasOrbital Xanthomas7 February 2022Sarah.Eppley
Outflow Pathway ImagingOutflow Pathway Imaging2 June 2022Abdelrahman.Elhusseiny
Punctal PlugsPunctal Plugs14 June 2022Robin.Kuriakose
Silent Brain SyndromeSilent Brain Syndrome4 December 2021Fabliha.Anbar
Single Fold/Double Fold Lid SurgerySingle Fold/Double Fold Lid Surgery31 May 2022Anne.Kutzscher
TarsorrhaphyTarsorrhaphy9 April 2022Fabliha.Anbar
Topical nitric oxide donating prostaglandin analoguesTopical nitric oxide donating prostaglandin analogues27 June 2022Abdelrahman.Elhusseiny
Transient Smartphone BlindnessTransient Smartphone Blindness11 January 2022Jacob.Winters
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